During my COOP at Metric Design Studio in Shanghai, China, I worked on a craft beer brand, Gaia, specifically for the Chinese market.

This brand’s goal is to transform and elevate the current Chinese beer culture. Designed the logo, label, key visuals, and point of sale marketing. Directed photoshoots, and created social media posts. Combined English and Chinese typography to effectively communicate the brand’s story.

Branding, Interaction Design, Logo Design, User testing, Photography


盖雅精酿 Gaia

The goldfish is a symbol of prosperity and wealth in China. Designed the logo, label, glasses, beer case, and tap heads inspired by the goldfish.



Directed and designed photoshoots for the campaign to showcase the products.


自然之娘 NAtural brewing

Designed key visuals inspired by Gaia, mother earth. Each key visual represents a season.

自然之娘 ( zì rán zhī niàng) means natural brewing in Chinese. This is Gaia’s main concept and brand statement.

挑剔选材 精心细作 (Tiāotì xuǎncái jīng xīn xìzuò) means ingredients are carefully selected and curated for you.



concept: GOLDFISH

In Chinese culture the goldfish represents wealth and prosperity. The word for fish in Chinese is yù 鱼 and it translates to abundance. The target market for Gaia are high-end experienced beer drinkers. Experimented with typography, color, positive and negative space, and hierarchy.



concept: Mother earth

Highlighted the face of Gaia, the Mother of the Earth. According to Greek mythology she is the mother of all life. Experimented with illustration, typography, texture, and color.



concept: Geometry

This concept was inspired by the geometric qualities of the elements and cells. Experimented with different colors, compositions, and line weights to create beauty in the cellular formulas.